Q: how to make purchases online?

A: After choosing clothes that you like, make the purchase is very easy and secure. You can always see what has been added to your shopping cart by clicking on the “shopping cart” button at the top right of any page. It is also possible to see the check by clicking on the link “Shopping cart”, located on any item detail page. Once you are viewing the contents of your shopping bag, it is possible to adjust the quantities in your bag by changing the number to the right of the items, and then, by clicking on “update” after having made the adjustment of quantities.

Q: How I can checkout?

A: Once you are ready to check the items in your shopping bag, click the payment button on your cart, fill out the information and automatically once payment is made, to reach a notice of purchase and send your order.

Q: The availability of items

A: The availability of the item appears on the product detail page. All colors and sizes available will be displayed and available to add to the shopping bag. Colors and sizes that are not available will not be available for selection. Although we make every effort to maintain a sufficient stock of items listed on our site from time to time we sell out of certain products. If we are out of stock on an item you have ordered, we will notify you by mail within 8 days of the order.

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

A: We accept all most CREDIT CARDS / DEBIT through PayU. You do not need an account to buy Payu. Please select the link indicating pay with a debit or credit card once you are redirected to PayU after selecting the type of card. Q: How I can trace my order? A: FedeX.com, Once your order has been shipped; you will receive a confirmation email with your tracking number.

Q: How to choose the correct size of my strip?

A: Each garment has a table of measures according to its category. You must identify the garment you wish to buy and refer to the size chart on the product information to find your exact size. The measures vary depending on the measurement of the waist, height and weight.

Q: At what age can I start to use a girdle?

A: Wearing the Strip after development since our body begins to be modified increasing its volume in the hips and the belly, the best time to begin to reshape and improve the posture.
Q: Can I use a girdle after having my baby?

A: Yes, since it will help eliminate liquids, reduce inflammation and paste abdomen, since it serves as a support of the muscles of the abdomen and the back, it rearranges internal organs affected by pregnancy, stabilizing the uterus, is of importance not to use tight girdle, since with a soft compression or media in the first few weeks good results are obtained either natural childbirth or caesarean section also prevents the discomfort for mother to his baby.

Q: How can I care for my girdle?

A: Girdles are apparel intimate, resistant materials of high quality, but at the same time delicate. They require special care to keep it properly and softness to your skin needs. Her girdle should be washed by hand, with very non-abrasive detergents and hung in a place that does not directly receive the Sun, which can lose its elasticity. If the girdle has snaps or zippers, these should be, preferably, hand dried with a cloth towel or paper so they last longer, once her girdle was washed, should be hung in the shade; This will prevent damage to your Strip in its most important parts and will guarantee that it will keep its structure and function for a long time. If your band has removable straps, it is advisable to remove them and wash them separately; this will prevent that they curl with her girdle and can produce a deformation in a specific part. At the time of put it sure has no rings or bracelets to prevent it from tangling and damage the garment. It is important to know that by the active ingredients that contain garments should not be exposed to high temperatures in the wash so it does not lose its properties. Please remember that your Strip should not be ill-treated; more importantly, that it keep its initial shape.

Q: Do I have to pay taxes?

A: Only customers who live in Colombia must pay tax, this tax is 16%.


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